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The 5 Types of Spenders


Each person has two of The 5 Money Personalities™, a Primary and a Secondary.  How the two impact each other and how either one or both impact your spouse is very interesting and powerful.

Which one are you?

Source: http://www.sheknows.com/love-and-sex/articles/987099/money-personalities-and-your-marriage




Spenders are carefree with their money.  Spenders don’t care how much they spend or who they spend on.  They aren’t necessarily rich, spenders just like spending.  You’re a Spender if you:

Live in the moment.  Spenders are focused on what’s happening right now and they are willing to spend money to make life a blast.  They might have less money down the road, but for the Spender it’s all about making great memories today.

Love to buy things for other people.  Spenders get a lot of joy out of giving gifts, helping out, and treating other people.

Get a thrill from the purchase.  It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping at Saks or at the Salvation Army thrift store.  The price doesn’t matter.  It’s the fun of buying that counts.

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You may discover, you’re a Saver.

While all Savers don’t always save in the same ways, there are some traits that are common to most Savers. You’re a Saver if you:

Get a genuine rush from saving money.  It’s a source of pride to get something you wanted for less.

Are organized, responsible, and trustworthy when it comes to money.  ASaver won’t tap out the kids’ college fund to pay for a new boat.

Rarely spend impulsively.  Savers will scour the Internet for deals, plan every detail of a vacation, and make sure they have the money in hand before making a purchase.

Avoid credit card debt like head lice.  Savers hate paying interest and accruing debt.  They want to pay off every bill, in full, right away.

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3.Risk Taker

For Risk Takers, the thrill of a money challenge isn’t the possibility for a huge payout, it comes from taking the risk in the first place.  Even if they never hit it big, Risk Takers never give up on following that rush they get from trying out a new idea, even if it costs them everything.  It’s just how they’re wired.  You’re a Risk Taker if you:

Are a conceptual thinker.  Risk Takers aren’t worried about details.  They don’t get hung up on the “how” of an idea.  Instead, they get a bead on something – a business opportunity, an investment option, a real estate deal – and they move. Fast.

Get excited by possibility.  Risk Takers get more excited about the idea of something than the thing itself.  By the time the deal plays out and they’ve got their return, they’ve moved on to the next big idea.

Love finding the next adventure.  For Risk Takers, no idea is too far out, no risk too big.  Their sense of adventure takes over and they want in.

Listen to your gut.  More than conventional wisdom, a Risk Taker trusts her intuition.  If a deal doesn’t feel right, she won’t do it.  But if something strikes her, she’s on it.

Aren’t afraid to make decisions.  Risk Takers don’t waste time when it comes to money.  They make a decision and make it fast.  That can be a real plus when there are important money matters on the line.

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4. Security Seeker

Security Seekers like to know their money matters are settled and safe.  They are all about low-risk investments, quality purchases, hefty insurance, and secure retirement funds.  When it comes to money, the Security Seeker’s motto is, “Better safe, than sorry.”  You’re a Security Seeker if you are:

An investigator.  A Security Seeker would never invest in a piece of property he’d never seen.  In fact, a Security Seeker wouldn’t just need to see the property, he’d need to have the soil tested for toxicity, look into all the zoning restrictions within a three-mile area, and get a detailed prospectus from the developer and a resume from every other investor.

Trustworthy.  Security Seekers rarely put their futures on the line.  That means they aren’t likely to gamble away their retirement or tap into the college fund to join a multi-level marketing company.

Willing to sacrifice.  A Security Seeker would rather do without today than do without tomorrow.  They won’t spend money until they know they’ve put away a little for retirement, life insurance, and any other investments they’ve set up to make sure the future is taken care of.

Prepared for anything.  Security Seekers are never caught without a plan.  The Security Seeker rarely ends up in a financial crisis (at least not a real crisis – that 5% stock market dip can feel like a crisis to the Security Seeker), which means the rest of the family can rest a little easier.


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The Flyer is perhaps the most unusual Money Personality because they don’t think much about money – at all. They’re not anxious about it, they’re not consumed by it, they have absolutely no emotional response to money.  You’re a Flyer if you are:

Basically content with your life.  A Flyer might be dirt poor, living in an Airstream out by the highway but he doesn’t care.  As long as a Flyer is making his own choices, he’s happy.

Big on relationships.  For Flyers, relationships and connections with other people are crucial.  Flyers will often put relationships above money.

Happy to let someone else take care of your money.  This can be a big plus in relationships, especially if the other partner enjoys handling the money decisions.

Not motivated by money.  Most Flyers end up living exactly the lives they want to live because they make choices based on what they want, not what will make them the most money.

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Top 5 Paying Jobs In Ireland




1.Material Scientist

Average annual salary: €87,526

What they do: Research and study substances at the atomic and molecular levels and the ways in which substances react with each other; use knowledge to develop new and improved products.

Education requirements: At least a bachelor’s degree; master’s degree or Ph.D. is needed for many research jobs.



Average annual salary: €97, 677

What they do: Economists study the production and distribution of resources, goods, and services.

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree.



Average annual salary:€186,496

What they do: Examine, diagnose, and treat dental misalignments and oral cavity anomalies; design appliances to realign teeth and jaws.

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree, four-year dental school, and one to two years of residency training.

4.Marine Engineers and Naval Architects

Average annual salary: €91,991

What they do: Design, build, and maintain ships, including aircraft carriers, submarines, sailboats, and tankers. Marine engineers work on the mechanical systems, such as propulsion and steering. Naval architects work on the basic design, including the form and stability of hulls.

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree (practical experience is also highly valued).


Political Scientists

Average annual salary: €96,481

What they do: Study the origin, development, and operation of political systems.

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree, followed by master’s or Ph.D in political science, public administration, or a related field.


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Top 5 Piggy Banks That Are Great For Saving Money


There comes a time when piggy banks dont just do it anymore because they dont stop you from spending more so here are 5 products that would be better that just a plain old piggy bank

1.Itazura coin stealing piggy bank


Buy it on ebay here

This piggy bank is so adorable as it uses its paw to take any coin you put on the fish. Its a great way to save money as the cat is so cute you wont want to take your money from it and it is very entertaining. It also comes in different colours and different animals

2. Electronic coin counting bank


Buy this in Littlewoods here

This bank is great as you are not constantly counting the money inside our piggy bank. As you see your balance rising you would not want to make it decrease.

3. Mini arcade piggy bank


Buy it on Ebay here

Have you ever wanted to get paid for playing video games… Well now you can with the mini arcade piggy bank. With this thing you just need to put a coin in a voilá you can play the game and save up money in no time.

4. Face bank

Buy on Ebay here

This bank eats your coins. Its very entertaining and you could trick your friends into feeding it money to show them how it works. It’s also creepy that you wouldnt want to take money out of it.

5.Alarm clock piggy bank


Buy it on Ebay here

Need 10 different alarms to wake you up… Need more money… well this product helps you with both in one. It’s an alarm clock that you need to put money into to snooze you will not only save money but start being on time too.


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Top 10 Money Facts You Probably Didnt Know



1.If Bill Gates spend 1 million a day he would have no money in 218 years.

2.A penny cost 2.4 cents to manufacture.

3. The first paper money was made 1,400 years ago in China.


4.The 100 richest people in the world earned enough money in 2012 to end global poverty 4 times.

5.The most expensive thing ever built is an international space station costing 150 billion dollars.

6. 90% of all US$ carry traces of cocaine.

7.The first Credit Card was created because of the embarrassment of a man who had to pay for dinner but forgot his wallet.

8.Mc Donalds make $75 million a day


9.More Monopoly money is made each year than real money.


10.Apple makes about $300,000 per minute

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Top 5 Celebrities who are smart financially


Lots of celebrities have proven that having money can create more problems than not having any at all. Some of these people cannot handle their money properly. We all look to many celebrities as role models so here is a list of celebrities who we can look to financially

  1. Tyra Banks


You may know Tyra Banks from America’s Top Model as the creator and main judge but in the business world she is seen as a role model. She studied business for 3 years in Harvard’s  business school  in 2011. After she graduated she gave a talk about her intentions of the course. She has her own scholarship program for african-american women can learn about business that she began at the age of 18. She has owned and been the CEO of many companies.

2. Zooey Deschanel


Zooey Deschanel is a stress free woman as she owes no money on her credit card or for anything else except her mortgage. She has a budget where she spends 25% of her money per month and the rest is saved. She also give a monthly amount of $1500 to charity. She frequently uses coupons and shops in vintage and thrift stores. She has also invested in real estate.

3. Will Smith


Will Smith has not always been good with his money as he was on the brink of bankruptcy in 1990 after a few problems with taxes. He then realised how easy it is to get something and how hard it is to keep it. He was the 35th richest person in the world in 2013 according to Forbes.com. His famous quote about money is “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”

4. Beyonce


As one of the most richest couples in the world in 2013 making 53 million that year Beyonce uses her money very wisely. She has founded her own management and entertainment company called Parkwood Entertainment in 2008. She is an icon to women showing that you can do it all yourself. She and Destiny’s Child has founded the ‘Survivor Foundation’ to aid people after Hurricane Katrina who were homeless and sick. She and Jay Z have also raised more than $1 million for the Shawn Carter Foundation, which helps send kids to college, and she also founded the Beyoncé Cosmetology Center – training women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

5.Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga is worth around $80 million according to forbes and still she bargains. She hardly spends any money that sometimes those around her worry! She says she isn’t in it for the money so she doesn’t use it.  She tweeted to her followers in December about her bargain buys: “Why do people look at me like I’m crazy when I use coupons at grocery (stores) or try bargaining at retail, I’M FROM NEW YORK WHERE IS THE SALE RACK.” She still lives in the same one bedroom apartment that she did before becoming famous

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Source; http://gogirlfinance.com



Top 5 Money Saving and Budgeting Apps


Want a new pair of shoes or a new computer and your parents won’t give you money… Save the money yourself with these apps with will give you what you want in no time.Not in order of preference


f-7493-8e19d341c9.jpgunnamed.png Available on android (free, PRO for 1.95)

This app is very good for money saving and budgeting as it shows you where you are spending the money and it’s quick and easy. The budget feature is also great as it helps you with your targeted goal by showing your balance as the excess money. You can also purchase the PRO for 1.95 but the only feature that is added is Dropbox sync and password protection. Other PRO features can be used but watching some ads

2.Spending Tracker


Available on Android, Apple and Windows (free)

This app is a very convenient money budgeting app. Its many features including recurring charges for people who have a routine so you do not have to continuously enter the expense or income, which can be a daily, weekly, or monthly expense. It also has many graphs of your spendings that are easy to read and understand. You can easily add categories and change the colours of the font. You can also have various accounts on it.



Available on  Android and Apple (free)

This app uses envelope budgeting to help people save money. First you put in your income (monthly, weekly or every two weeks) and then the app splits your money between your designated envelopes and you can only spend money out of that envelope. This is a very useful app that will help you save money within weeks!



Available on Apple and Android (free)

Wally is a very colourful and aesthetically pleasing app. It  shows you what you have spent daily and how much you are allowed to spend in a day and a month. It can be password protected if you want. You can take a picture of your receipt and it will scan all the details and save the expense.



Available on Android and Apple

It works on all devices even your computer and smart gear. They send your expenses to your email at the end of the month. There is PIN protection. It has export and import, reports, easy charts, budgets, debts, shopping lists and much more!

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Regional Finals

The Confey Investment agency recently entered the AIB Build a bank Dublin Regional finals and we are delighted to say that we were one of the top 5 banks have successfully progressed to the National Finals.

A great day was had by all and we were extremely proud of how we presented our bank on the day. Thanks to AIB and all their staff running the event and congratulations to all the other banks on show who all had excellent displays.

We can’t wait for the National Finals they will take place in the RDS on the 21st of April.

Until then the CIA will be open as usual every Tuesday from 12:50-13:15 in the Assembly hall.

CIA Team 2016
The CIA bank team with Mike O’Byrne (Confey College Principal), Lorraine Boggan (AIB) and (CIA Coordinator)
Regional Finals